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Music Producer Jobs - Hustle and Flow

When looking for music producer jobs, networking plus hustle and flow are the magic words to getting what you want  - regardless of the industry.

There's a tendency to think of acquiring a job with a major recording studio (label) or becoming an independent producer who finds and develop the next big star.

There are other areas in entertainment for which music producers qualify that are also worthy of consideration. Ultimately, searching for a music producer job will require flexibility, perseverance and contacts.

Let’s start with the web.

Websites Searches and Publications

There are a variety of websites that can be explored when searching for music producer jobs.

On, New York and Los Angeles far surpassed other cities for jobs in this category. The jobs ranged from associate producer of a radio station to a music producer that produces music for beverage advertisements.

Although a plethora of music producers congregate in large cities, music producer jobs will be found anywhere there are musicians and recording studios.

When searching general websites for producer jobs, a great number of the search results may bare only a slight resemblance to your ideal music producer job; this can be slightly frustrating.

Don’t lose heart! Who is to say that one will not find that golden record needle for which they are searching beneath the haystack?

A more productive use of time, however, would be to search for jobs on websites and in publications specific to the music industry. One such website is Publication websites often have an option to create an account, which is usually free.

Examples of such online publications are:

billboard music producer jobs  Billboard (

mix music producer jobs  Mix (

downbeat music producer jobs  Down Beat (

variety music producer jobs  Variety (

Music Producer Jobs Outside of the Box

Not all music production jobs involve finding talent as an independent producer or working for a record label. The idiom “leave no stone unturned” fits perfectly when pursuing a job as a music producer. Other options available in this special area of the music industry are:

Jingle Writer / Commercial Music Producer

Video Game Composer

Rerecording Mixer (formally Dubbing Mixer)

A jingle writer writes music with a catchy tune for commercials. Usually a commercial jingle producer is freelance, but some work directly for major agencies such as PatrickOrtman, Inc.

Explore advertising companies and commercial production companies to find commercial music producer jobs. Click on the following link to get a definition and list of commercial production companies:

A video game composer does have a “talent” for which he is writing; only they are referred to as characters in the video game world. The composer writes music for each character in the game and the overall game itself. The key for finding a job in this niche is networking.

According to Chris Rickwood, an award-winning composer from Atlanta, one should:

  • Join and actively participate in a gaming organization
  • Keep up with the games that are being developed and their stage in development
  • Submit a showreel at the appropriate time to the Sound Designer for the game

Maybe you want to be in the movies; Rerecording Mixer may be the job for you. A Rerecording Mixer is responsible for producing the final soundtrack for a films and television drama productions. Seeking out this job would lead a person to set his eyes upon Audio Post Production Houses.

Music Producer Jobs

Be Insistent

Although it is not the only road that leads to a job in music production, record companies are a solid way to jumpstart a career. A viable way to begin a career, if you are just starting out, is to seek and internship. Internship opportunities can be found in the publications mentioned above.

Music producer jobs can also be found by contacting record companies directly to inquire about internship opportunities. If you live in close proximity to a record company, go in person. If the company does not have an internship program, ask them to consider creating one for you.

Interns typically trade financial compensation for experience just to get a foot in the door. If they are paid, it is usually minimal ($1,500 - $3,000), so the company has little to lose. Be a go-getter! Only the strong will survive in this industry.

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