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Employment Opportunities As An Audio Producer

Employment Opportunities As An Audio Producer

Careers as an Audio Producer

In any studio, television, radio, or film recording project, the audio producer functions as the creative leader. The audio producer supervises nearly every aspect of the recording process, contracting session players, overseeing the recording budget, and maybe even working with the artist to select which songs will be recorded.

A career in audio production is a fulfilling and dynamic employment opportunity which will challenge, and inspire you to work at your fullest potential. In today’s market, self-motivated and entrepreneurial workers are an asset for any production company. Learning the most up-to-date software, production techniques, and refining your repertoire of unique ‘sounds’ will make you a highly attractive candidate in this emerging field.

Audio Production Evolution

In the past, audio production was left in the hands of the record labels, isolated in the backroom of some fiberglass-insulated studio where dreams were made and broken. But today, the art of home-grown music production is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for new and establish artists alike.

Whether you are looking to the new wave of hip-hop music, surging from a humble recording booth behind a barbershop, or the newest electronic sensation mixed on a laptop, there is a huge opportunity for producing new, exciting music. But what are the exact kinds of jobs up-and-coming audio producers can expect:

1. Radio Production:

Producers for popular TV shows will be responsible for generating compelling, listener-engaging content. Whether you are involved with a program that monitors current news or events, or you are working for a strictly-music station, your key functions will likely revolve around daily talk segments, collaboration with DJs or hosts, and editing recorded content.

For these kinds of jobs Digital Audio Editing skills are usually a must, with experience in software such as ProTools, Adobe Audition or Sony Vegas.

2. Composer/ Sound Designer:

A Sound Composer/Designer would work to translate certain sounds from real-life or specific sources into another medium. An example would be, designing the sounds of a slot machine for an online game using samples from an actual machine. The goal would be to maintain best possible quality and playability.

Designers usually need to work with little to no guidance from supervisors, and are typically on their own to produce content. For these kinds of jobs, a proficiency in the Cubase software (or other DAW), Audition, and Flash are typically required. It is also likely, employers will expect you to be able to pick up other propriety software specific to the job.

3. Freelance Audio Producer:

One of the beautiful things about music is that, no matter where you are, there are certainly musicians looking to make something new. This presents ample opportunity for a talented audio producer to partner up and help make the next, big hit.

Where to Start?

Depending on your chosen direction for your career, you will have different options. It is often a good idea to start with an internship or some other similar employment opportunity as an audio producer to familiarize yourself with the work you will be doing. Going to music gigs at popular local establishments may also offer the opportunity to meet musicians who need a good music producer.

Finally, the most important step is to pick a DAW or music production software and begin to learn. Honing your skills in production will certainly make you a highly-sought commodity

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