Where Do I Find Music Production Schools?

Where Do I Find Music Production Schools

Considering a career in music production?

The best way to start is by attending one of the many great music production schools available throughout the country. Although some producers have become successful without any formal training, music education offers a wide range of benefits that will make your professional music career a lot more worthwhile.

Success in music production is heavily dependent on who you know as well, and music schools give you the advantage of a vast network of people working in the music industry. You’ll also have access to professional studios where you can begin producing music within the first few months of study, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of mentorship from experienced veterans in the business.

Choosing the Right Music School

There are many music production schools around the world that offer training in various disciplines within the music industry, and you’ll want to find one that is tailored to your special goals. Here are several options that you might want to consider:

Community College

If you’ve never had any experience with music before, one of the best places to start is at a community college. Community colleges offer a wide range of classes ranging from music appreciation to music theory, and will provide you with a foundation of knowledge on which to launch your career in music. You can also learn how to play instruments and read music, both of which are extremely useful for music producers.

Community College

Online Courses

You can learn just about anything on the Internet, and this certainly includes music. There are a plethora of online resources at your disposal, some of which is actually sponsored and maintained by some of the top music schools in the world. Although you won’t have the same mentorship and feedback that a traditional classroom would offer, you’ll be able to learn and develop your skills at your own pace. In fact, many universities offer introductory courses for free.

Music School/Conservatory

A music school is an educational institution that caters exclusively to students who wish to pursue careers in music. Whether it involves instrument training, music composition, or audio engineering, music schools offer a multitude of opportunities for people who choose music as their profession. Music schools function similarly to traditional universities, and offer Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in various music disciplines. Music schools typically include professional studios for students to refine their skills, along with faculty with industry experience who can guide them.

Things to Consider:


Certain music production schools specialize in specific types of music. While many offer similar courses, you’ll want to attend a music school that best fits the type of music you want to produce.


While all institutions take a similar approach to music, certain types of music are more commonly taught in specific regions. While you may able to learn how to produce electronic music anywhere, you may want to attend a music school in a city like Los Angeles, Miami or Boston where electronic music is very popular. You’ll also be able to network with other artists within the genre.

Schools Don’t Necessarily Guarantee Success

Although the career outlook is generally better for someone with a degree in music, success doesn’t happen overnight. A music graduate may be able to find entry-level work after college, but it may take years for their career to take off. Their success largely depends on their ability to refine their techniques to be able to produce quality music that people want to hear.

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